The AbiPaige luxury cashmere wrap line was founded by two girls who believe in friendship of the deep and lasting kind. Abi Ferrin and Paige Lane met over 10 years ago when Paige commissioned Abi, who had just been named Texas Top Designer, to create an outfit for a society event. During the process, Paige & Abi hit it off. Instead of keeping Abi as her own personal secret, Paige helped promote Abi's business, by word of mouth and trunk shows in her Aspen and Dallas homes. Paige has an affinity for friendships and style. From interiors to wardrobes, her many treasured girlfriends have been influenced by her aesthetic point of view, and often replicate her look to make it their own. This helped Abi grow and become established as a designer.  While on a girls trip in Aspen, Colorado, the two friends began discussing their favorite obsession- cozy, luxe wraps. This turned into their first true design collaboration, a luxury wrap line. The two girls did not stop until they had the perfect designs, cuts and colors selected. With the designs perfected, they then reached out to Abi's network of ethical manufacturers and launched the first ever 100% ethically produced luxury wrap line. They hope you and your friends enjoy AbiPaige luxury wraps!


Aside from being a designer, Abi is also an advocate for oppressed and abused people who are survivors of many types of exploitation ranging from brothels to unethical garment factories. Since leaving an abusive relationship in 2003, she has been speaking out against this global norm and helping with the creation of employment programs that empower people rescued out of bonded slavery and human trafficking.  The AbiPaige brand is one of the many channels through which Abi is bringing awareness to these causes near and dear to her heart.  


“May all beings be happy. May all beings be free from suffering.” - Arjuna Ardagh Abi & Paige are living happy, free lives, and they believe that every person who works with them or on their products deserves the same. They are committed to doing business solely with ethical manufacturing partners. Thus far, they have partnered with groups in Nepal, Cambodia + Peru to help give survivors of abuse, exploitation and discrimination, a chance to have a happy, fulfilled life personally and professionally. With your conscious purchase, you are ensuring an ethical supply chain and helping to employ both men and women who come from marginalized backgrounds. Our goal is to give our partners the ability to always be able to buy their own shoes, and help them change the mentality that has kept their families in this oppression for generations.

All people employed by our partners:

  • Receive Fair Wages They Can Live On + Generous Benefits (different than minimum wage, which in some countries is literally pennies a day)
  • Education Programs: Health, Nutrition, Hygiene, Personal Financial Management
  • Literacy + English Classes
  • Counseling To Help Them Recover From Years of Abuse